Abandoned, Tuscany

Abandoned, Tuscany SOLD
Oil Pastel
8" x 8"
I painted this on a rough tooth pastel card (by Royal Sovereign in raw umber). The heavy tooth resists the pastel and makes quite a pleasing texture; almost antique. Also, it's almost impossible to fill all the tooth - unless you go mad;) This gives a nice uniformity over the whole surface of the finished painting.
I was pleasantly surpised at this effect and feel it suits the subject quite well. I've only previously used this paper with soft pastels which fill the tooth very easily. I'll definitely use this with oil pastels again.
UPDATE: Just tried to order some more of this card - only one sheet left. It doesn't seem to be available any more :(
If anyone knows otherwise, I'd be a very happy bunny.
UPDATE 2 Found it!! It's apparently been renamed as La Carte Pastel Paper (Sennelier). I've found it for sale on both greatart.co.uk and saa.co.uk .. whew! BTW, if you use wet media as an underpainting with your pastel, don't use this. It doesn't like it.